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Harriet Harman - Distorting The Statistics About Rape

Harriet Harman has spent many years of her political life stirring up hostility towards men in order to enrage women and to make them feel antagonistic towards men. 

The idea behind this is to rally the support of women so that she can pursue her own ambitions - which have got nothing to do with gender 'equality' and nothing to do with any genuine concern about 'women'.

Her persistent hate-stirring is just a callous, calculating, well tried and tested mechanism through which feminists the world over have gained enormous power. (For example, see Equality Between Men and Women is not Achievable).

The way that this tactic works is simple.

 Harriet Harman claims that women are forever being abused by men in some way

Step 1. Harriet Harman claims that women are forever being abused by men in some way; emotionally, physically, sexually, financially etc. This fires up women's anger against men.

Step 2. She then tells women that she will do something about these wicked men.

Step 3. Women flock to support her.

In a nutshell: Harriet Harman stirs up hatred towards men in order to get women's support.

In a nutshell: Harriet Harman stirs up hatred towards men in order to get women's support. (This, essentially, is how the feminists became so powerful - and how they maintain their power.)

Indeed, politicians and governments the world over have used, and continue to use, similar demonising and fear-mongering tactics in order to get the support of people.

In the case of feminists, such as Harriet Harman, they will lie and deceive at every opportunity in order to get this support so that they can pursue their own personal ambitions.

With much success.

And they care not at all how much damage to people - including to women - or to society at large that they cause in their selfish pursuit of their own power, wealth and status.

A good example of this total disregard for people - even for the welfare of women - can be seen in the way in which their draconian domestic violence policies have actually increased the incidence of domestic violence against women; e.g. see Would You Sign This Contract.

It is quite clear that Harriet Harman cares nothing for women, children or families

Witness also, for example, the colossal negative impacts of fatherlessness on so many millions of people (particularly poor people) that have arisen as a result of the activities of feminists like Harriet Harman - who claims that family breakdown is a 'positive development' and that children do not need fathers.

But in this piece, I just want to focus on the issue of rape, so that you can quickly gain some insight into just how pervasive is the dishonesty and maliciousness of those involved in the feminist movement.

And I am going to show you how the figures for 'rape' are manufactured, distorted and falsified in order to maximise the amount of hatred towards men pervading society and, hence, in order to maximise the support for those feminist policies which are designed to debilitate or disadvantage men in some way.

I am only going to talk about the UK, but the same kind of tactics are nowadays used in many westernised countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and, now, much of Europe.

And the reason that the same kind of tactics are used is, quite simply, because they work.

 the evidence strongly suggests that some 80-90% of rape allegations in the UK are false

As a first step in understanding how the rape figures are falsified, it is important to recognise that the figures for 'rape' that are bandied about in the press and by the Home Office are not figures for rape but for allegations of rape. And the evidence strongly suggests that some 80-90% of rape allegations in the UK are false.

In other words, at the outset, the purported rape figures are some five to ten times greater than is the true case.

These bogus, highly-inflated figures are then typically multiplied by a factor of 10 in order to arrive at a supposed figure for the number of rapes taking place across the country which are not reported to the police.

But the whole thing is a scam designed to inflate the rape figures massively.

To understand this, imagine that 100 women report a rape to the police.

Harriet Harman and her friends at the Home Office will claim that, in fact, 1000 women will have been raped (with 900 not going to the police) and this is the message that will be sent out to the public.

Far closer to the truth, however, is that of those 100 women who reported rapes, some 80-90 were making false accusations; which means that only some 10-20 were genuinely raped.

on the basis of about 15 rapes, Harriet Harman tells the public that there were 1000 rapes across the country.

In other words, on the basis of about 15 rapes, Harriet Harman tells the public that there were 1000 rapes across the country.

(Typically, we get something like 700 rape convictions every year in the UK, and then this number typically, and magically, metamorphoses into something like 150,000 rapes across the country.)

Now, of course, you cannot just take my word for all this. And so I am now going to show you what the evidence really reveals. And I am afraid that it will take some effort on your part to understand it.

1. The first point that I want to make is that an 80-90% false allegation rate does not imply that most women would make a false allegation. Indeed, an 80% false allegation rate is completely consistent with the notion that 99% of women would never lie about being raped; e.g. see The Rape Illusion.

2. Furthermore, the claims of feminists such as Harriet Harman are so exaggerated that, if they were true, it would follow that men in the UK are 490 times more likely to rape a woman than is a woman likely to make a false rape allegation - a notion that is completely untenable. For example, see this short YouTube video entitled Understanding Feminist Rape Statistics.

 if you look at the Home Office research into rape, you will see that it is completely stitched up

3. And if you look at the Home Office research into rape, you will see that it is completely stitched up in such a way so as to maximise the rape figures. The piece entitled Home Office Rape Statistics Are False gives you some insight into just how dishonest are those who are engaged in rape research.

4. In Why Women Lie About Rape you can see further evidence for the view that there are sufficient numbers of dysfunctional, manipulative, aggressing, dishonest women within the population - women who will likely make false rape allegations for the most trivial of reasons - to guarantee that the false allegation rate will remain extremely high.

But neither the Home Office nor the feminists seem to accept that such women exist.

In their view, just about every woman in the country is, at all times, always honest, always truthful, never malicious, never drunk, never irrational, never spiteful, never deluded, never vengeful, and always angelic.

However, when it comes to rape - and, indeed, to domestic violence - the reality seems to be as follows.

A small proportion of women (perhaps of the order of 2%) can feel sufficiently vindictive or aggressive enough to make false allegations of rape or domestic violence. Samples from this relatively small number of women  - i.e. about 500,000 women across the UK - are clogging up the legal system with their false allegations - no doubt partly as a result of the continual media deluge urging all women to report 'abuse', and partly because they are forever being told that they will always be believed.

they have resorted to lying and distorting the research in order to push them out of sight.

Now, Harriet Harman and the Home Office researchers clearly know about such women - but they have resorted to lying and distorting the research in order to push them out of sight.

And the reason that they do this is because it buttresses the empires of both the feminists and of millions of government workers. ('Millions' is not an exaggeration; e.g. see Why Governments Love Feminism)

5. Over the past few months, there seems to have been an increase in the UK in the number of women being prosecuted for making false rape allegations. While, on the face of it, this is very good news, it also seems to be part of a government tactic that has been employed simply to justify further corruption and further prejudice against male defendants in rape trials; e.g. see The Rape Scam.

6. Finally, for those of you who cannot fully understand why governments are so keen to support the feminist agenda and to support the perpetual deluges of feminist lies, I recommend two of my pieces; Why Governments Love Feminism and Do Not Respect Them.

In the former piece you will see that feminist propaganda and feminist policies are worth tens of billions of pounds every year to the UK government, and in the second piece you can see just how deceitful and cruel are those supposedly 'respected' people working for the government (such as those working in the Crown Prosecution Service) as evidenced by, for example, their attempts to have a postman convicted of "sexual assault and battery" just for kissing a woman on the cheek.

(Indeed, trying to convict someone of "sexual assault and battery" for a kiss on the cheek gives you some idea of just how desperate is our so-called justice system to mislead the public when it comes to sex assault.)

However, each of these two pieces will, unfortunately, take about 15 minutes to read.

In summary: Harriet Harman and her friends are lying to you.

So, please read some of the articles mentioned in this piece and try to understand what is really going on out there.

Believe me, you will be very much empowered.

Which is more credible?

Some 15,000 rape allegations are made to the UK police every year.

An 80% false allegation rate would imply that some 12,000 of these women are making false allegations every year.

However, the latest official view is that only some 10% of allegations are false and that only 10% of rapes get reported.

Thus, the official view is that there are 13,500 genuine rapes that are reported every year (with 1,500 extra being false allegations) and that there are 135,000 rapes every year - of which only 10% get reported; i.e. the 13,500.

Question: Which is more credible?

1. That 135,000 women are raped every year.


2. That 12,000 women make false allegations every year - i.e. an 80% false allegation rate.

Six months later, ...


Dennis Macshane - Labour MP

"25,000 trafficked sex slaves enter the UK every year"

And yet, ...

Not One Sex-Trafficked Prostitute Found The UK's biggest ever investigation of sex trafficking failed to find a single person who had forced anybody into prostitution in spite of hundreds of raids on sex workers in a six-month campaign by government departments, specialist agencies and every police force in the country. Nick Davies - an award-winning investigative journalist.

What did I tell you?

Never, ever, ever trust those working in the abuse industry - and, as per the article above, this includes the police and the Home Office.

These people lie to the public all the time in order to maintain their empires.

Also, see this short piece, ...

How Rape Statistics are Distorted and Inflated

... to see how those engaged in rape 'research' can easily inflate the figures by 50 to 100 times simply by making one or two of their questions slightly ambiguous.

You will be horrified at how easy it is.

Also see my short YouTube video entitled, ...

Understanding the Rape Statistics


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