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Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman

People often ask why Harriet Harman - the current UK minister for Constitutional Affairs and previous Solicitor General - is so often the target of men's groups such as Fathers For Justice - a group of high-profile activists for fathers' rights who have recently been protesting against the heavy bias against fathers in the family courts by standing on the roof of Harriet Harman's house.

Batman and Robin on Harriet Harman's roof Fathers For Justice F4J

When you talk to such men about why Harriet Harman is so often the focus of their enmity, you quickly discover that they believe Harriet Harman to be a selfish, self-serving, deceitful, dishonest hypocrite who seems to think nothing about destroying the lives of people simply in order to pursue her own personal ambitions - ambitions that seem mostly to do with her own self-aggrandisement, power and wealth.

She is also deemed to be responsible for an enormous amount of social disharmony and family breakdown throughout the country, and she has purposely used her position over the years to stir up hatred towards men - with much success.

She has done these things simply in order to increase her own standing - particularly in the eyes of women - and to justify massive increases in the power that her government and future governments can wield over the lives of the people.

In other words, her motives have not been honourable, and her actions have been designed not to benefit the country or its people, but herself.

She also appears to have lied over and over again over a number of matters

She also appears to have lied over and over again over a number of matters - often concerned with gender issues - and her current attempts to prosecute Fathers For Justice is nothing more than a further attempt by her to demonise those who are opposed to what she has been doing.

My own view, shared by many, is that Harriet Harman is a thoroughly deceitful and manipulative human being whose nefarious self-serving activities and true nature need to be exposed to the public - hence the presence of this website.

Of course, Harriet Harman is only one among several politicians who lie, cheat and deceive in order to achieve their aims regardless of the high cost to others. There are many Labour politicians, currently both in the cabinet and on the backbenches, who are totally self-serving and untrustworthy, and whose activities cause tremendous harm to our country and to our people.

But, in my view, few of them seem to be as treacherous or as dishonest as Harriet Harman.

This website contains many articles that expose Harriet Harman's underlying nature, and they will also show you how, in much the same way that Hitler demonised the Jews in order to bolster his power over his own people - whilst at the same time gaining their support - Harriet Harman has been doing the same to 'men', and for the same reasons.

She has been using one of the oldest tricks in the books of those who wish to become members of The Governing Elite.

For this reason, a number of men - many of them traditional supporters of the Labour Party - have now decided that they will do their very best to undermine the current Labour Government until such time as Harriet Harman is removed from office.

Indeed, I am even aware of three very active left-wing trades unionists who are taking part in this endeavour - which surely gives you some indication of just how low is the opinion of Harriet Harman these days even among the left.

Finally, Harriet Harman recently made a joke in the House of Commons suggesting that men would want to flee the country if ever she became Prime Minister.

She clearly knows that she is aggravating and alienating men.

So much for her representing all the people who voted for her.

So much for her representing all the people who voted for her.

So much for all her talk about 'equality'.


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